Resources and Reporting

PHA wants to provide a space for women to access resources and report misconduct, offer feedback, or ask questions they have for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life or PHA Executive Board.

Panhellenic Feedback Form:

Are there any questions that you’ve always had about Greek life? Is there anything you think should be changed? Is there an event, initiative, or project you think Panhellenic should start? How do you think we should do that? This is your chance to voice all your questions/comments/concerns about our community and make it a better place.

Access the form here.

Reporting Form:

In our efforts to increase transparency within our community, PHA is proud to announce our newly formed Standards Board that is passionate about making our community stronger. The PHA Standards Board intends to help govern and strengthen the community and its chapters, similar to a chapter’s Standards or Judicial Board, but with a strong goal of being an accessible accountability resource for our campus.

Access the form here.


Confidential Resources:

CARE | 847.491.2054

CAPS | 847.491.2151

Office of the University Chaplain | 847.491.7256

Additional Resources:

Women’s Center | 847.491.7360

NUPD | 847.491.3456

Title IX Coordinator, Sexual Harassment Prevention Office | 847.491.3745

Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution | 847.491.4852

24-Hour Resources:

Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline | 1.888.293.2080

Chicago Domestic Violence Hotline | 1.877.863.6339

Evanston Domestic Violence Hotline | 1.877.718.1868

Rape and Incest National Network Hotline | 800.656.HOPE(4673)

National Domestic Violence Hotline | 800.799.SAFE(7233)